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Ink's Review of Some Non-Dairy Milks

Almond milk- Doesn't taste great. Decent texture, tastes fine with cereal. Chocolate almond is okay, but not great. Drinkable in coffee, but not very good.

Coconut milk- Sweet. Tasted good until I put some in my coffee one day and it was so gross that it totally ruined my palate. Whatever you do, don't put it in coffee.

Rice milk- Very sweet and very thin. Tastes good to drink it on it's own, but is too sweet to be really good with cereal. Didn't try it in coffee, and I suspect it would be nasty.

Soy milk- I haven't had any soy milk since I was a kid, but I remember I didn't super care for it, but I didn't hate it. I remember it being thick, and it had sort of...debris in it. I may have to try it again at some point.

Oat milk- My favourite non-dairy milk--the brand from Aldi's at least. The brand that Wal-Mart carries is very watery and not that great, but the one from Aldi's is thick and creamy and tastes great both by itself and in cereal. It even tastes pretty good in coffee. Better than the others at least, by quite a long shot.