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I wonder why it is that it's so much easier to write backstories for characters than it is to come up with a current plot. I can write hugely detailed prequels for all my characters, but I can't write the actual story. *Distressed writer noises*

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It's not that it's more interesting, it's just easier to come up with. And my main stories generally have all of it's characters and settings and character relationships already in place, the problem comes when I try to develop the plot.

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That is what is called the "Resistance." Recommend reading "The War of Art."

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solution: write a character at the beginning of the story, and then a version of them at the end of the story. write a backstory for the evolved character and BAM thats the plot

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Galaxy brain thought. But if the backstory seems more interesting and fleshed out than the main story. Why not just write the backstory as the main story?

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I feel this in the very core of my being.

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I feel this in the very core of my being.

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