Malheureusement, je deviens fou.

"Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high; then life seems almost enchanted after all." ~Vincent Van Gogh

Ink's Characters (WIP) About Inkweaver

Active OCs

Dungeons and Dragons:

Zelkirae Morai- (PC) Half-elf druid/artificer, Circle of Gears and Vines, Archivist

  • Having grown up with extremely domineering and emotionally abusive parents, Zel took a long time after their mysterious deaths to be be willing and able to open herself up to the possibility of friendships. Searching for answers about the artifact containing a powerful entity that had been left in her possession, she eventually joined a guild of adventurers called the Raven's Bones, and in so doing gained a home and family and friends who love her.

Maes Aster- (PC) Human monk, Way of Mercy

  • Maes was found as baby abandoned in a gutter in the city of Xanne, and raised by a Longtooth Shifter monk by the name of Jand Murelle, and his eccentric partner, Teluann Mar Ishke. Learning to fight--and heal--like their parent as they grew up, Maes eventually became the medic aboard a ship called the Saoirse. It was there that they met their partner, Karhyn Hywell. Tragedy struck them when the ship was sunk in the middle of a raging storm, and any survivors were killed by entities unknown--all but for Maes himself. Maes was left with a curse to never return to the sea, and he turned to The Raven's Bones Guild for aid.

Orlaithe Kaira- (PC) Fallen Aasimar paladin, Oath of the Crown

  • Raised in Normandy, France, by the Catholic church, having been told that they had been given up by their parents when they were too young to remember, Orlaithe only wants to do their duty by the people. With their angelic patron whispering in their ear every night, and the demands of the church seeming increasingly at odds with their beliefs, Orlaithe currently travels with companions on a journey fraught with danger and politics, and they must figure out where they stand amongst it all.

Teluann Mar Ishke- (NPC) Elven Sorcerer, Maes's parent

Feichín Ryuu- (NPC) Elven Druid, Circle of the Moon, Zel's mother's sibling

Yann Yehmarhi- (PC) Tiefling Artificer, Forge Adept, mercenary

Tasnim Zale- (NPC) Changeling Paladin, Oath of Storms, Yann's partner

Sorrel Larimar- (PC) Earth Genasi Artificer, Toymaker

Nerys Vendazzi- (PC) Changeling Rogue, Arcane Trickster

Zephyrine Ciel- (PC) Warforged Barbarian/Druid, Circle of the Forged

Open Legend:

Saraneth- (PC) Catfolk mystic

  • Grouchy and unapproachable, Saraneth cares little for humanity as a whole. Having been born blind, with powers enabling her to see the past and future, and causing her to constantly be bombarded by the thoughts of those around her, she really just wants most people to stay far away from her. She has a seething disgust for her mother, a god who abandoned her and her father not long after she was born. Her father is a soft-hearted traveling merchant who loves his daughter with all of his heart. Saraneth currently travels with her partner in crime, Mal, or Visus, as they are known to their unsuspecting audience. The two are quite happy to grift the masses of their cash, hoping to get enough to retire out to somewhere with nicer weather than the snow-stricken city they're currently stranded in.


Sabella Fire-Soul- Thousand year-old part angel/human that protects humans.

Bryn Aidan Blaire- Fire entity from another plane, can't remember his life pre- being summoned to our plane. Sabella's partner.

Kislia Ka'leel- Known by several other names. Alien genetic experiment, approximately eight years old by human standards.

Jynne Wolfe- Vigilante granted magic from a god.

Tiir'kaneth Mye:

Glyn Idris- Ruler of Deinazir, never was taught to rule, most of his family is dead, constantly fighting against the occupying forces.

Zaida Idris- Glyn's sister, should have been his co-ruler but was prevented by Deinazir's enemy occupants.

Mishka Karel- Myanari spy in the court of Deinazir. Glyn's best friend.

Aina Veyahl- Zaida's closest friend, advisor and bodyguard.

Selwyn Kharne- Zaida's other closest friend. Captain of the Guard.

Elvina de Selcha'des- The Seybarat woman that Glyn was forced to marry. Controlling, conniving, power-hungry, vicious.