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whenever you have intrusive negative thoughts about yourself consider blantantly thinking the opposite in spiteful rebellion.

brain telling you youre a piece of shit? guess what youre awesome and people love you. at the very least youre brain will be like ahh, delicious irony, amusement time. but! sometimes your brain will be like oh youre right, and give you a little dopamine

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So I've been having fun making dice bags

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I know that aromanticism and asexuality are generally defined by a lack of a certain attraction, but let’s remember not everyone in the community falls into the “does not feel it whatsoever” category.

We have quoi- folks who don’t distinguish these attractions in a defineable manner.

We have grey- folks who occasionally, mildly, or possibly experience these attractions.

We have demi-, lith-, fray-, and recip- folks who experience these attractions sometimes.

And I’m sure a few others that I couldn’t think of right away. Attraction isn’t all-or-nothing. Aromantic and asexual might imply zero attraction, but let’s remember to make space in the communities for people who feel minimal or occasional attraction, or are removed from the concept entirely.

Character Aesthetics: Felix Featherstone, The Lone Wanderer

Felix cared about three maybe four people in her life. Her father, first and foremost, Jonas, Amata, and sometimes, when he wasn't being a total prick, Butch. Jonas is executed by the Overseer. Her father dies in his own purifier because of the Enclave. And Amata exiles her from her own home. Given the choice, Felix would have died in the purifier, just like her father. Fate, the FEV, and whatever it was that the Zetans did to her don't let her.

Ampio Orizzonte (Broad Horizon)--Ettore Tito, 1910 (Italian artist, 1859-1941)

Georgian mourning ring, late 1700's, pre-Regency

The HM Sloop Investigator, the first ship to sail around Australia, under the command of Matthew Flinders.

Drawing by Geoffrey Ingleton, 1937.

Character Aesthetics: Zelkirae Morai

Half-Elf Druid, Circle of the Moon

Page decoratations for the 1899 edition of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A late eighteenth century ring with a carved ivory ship on a blue background under glass.

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I've never seen anyone else talk about the Enchanted Forest Chronicles but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and I'm so happy to see there's another fan in the world! I also read the first book in 8th grade and just fell in love with it and thankfully the library had the full set. Idk if you know but after the original 4 there's another little book of short stories about the Enchanted Forest too. Oh man now I want to read them all again.

I didn't know that, I'll have to check it out! I didn't really get the chance to read the whole series until after I graduated high school, because the teacher I borrowed it from originally only had the third book. I now own the whole series and have read it several times :)

morna and rosie

old characters that have since been pretty much abandoned. from may 2019

Character Aesthetic: Jynn Wolfe/The Vigil

Daughter of the infamous rebel assassin, Tiran Azhelov, Jynn was fifteen years old when she returned to her father's base to find every one of his assassins dead, captured, or fled. She pulled her father's body with it's slit throat out of the water below with her own hands. After inheriting her father's rather unique form of magic, Jynn eventually becomes the brutal and mysterious lone vigilante known by most only as The Vigil.

Sea View by Moonlight--Ivan Aivazovsky, 1878

HMS Namur--Jack Spurling/John Robert Charles Spurling, 1936

Apparently, this ship survived twenty years of naval service, including several battles, before being wrecked in a storm in 1749, all 520 members of her crew lost.

I've been reading The Enchanted Forest Chronicles to my mom lately. They're great books, sort of like silly takes on fairy tale themes? And the writing style can only be described as 'charming'. Actually, I first read the third book, Calling on Dragons, when I was in eighth grade, and then read it to mom. That was a very long time ago now, though. Calling on Dragons is still my favorite of the series. The POV character is a no-nonsense witch with nine talking cats. I love it.

Detail from The Flight into Egypt

Adam Elsheimer (German, 1578-1610)


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🥪 for the ask meme!

Hmm. I have a lot of favorite snacks, and they tend to depend on what I'm in the mood for. Veggies and dip are definitely at the top of the list, esp peppers. Crackers and cheese are pretty great too. Lunch wise... idk. I like turkey and cheese subs with spring greens, lettuce, cucumbers and/or peppers, and mayo. (I like my subs to have cronch:)

One of the (many) annoying things about social anxiety is that you are too afraid to ask questions and take part in conversations, so people tend to think you're being distant when really you're just too afraid to talk. It's the worst.

I should probably be embarassed by this. I made it many years ago and still find it funny, so...have some ridiculousness.