Malheureusement, je deviens fou.

I confess, I do not know why, but looking at the stars has always made me dream.

~Vincent Van Gogh

Jeremy Wade's reaction to giant, toothy, man-eating monsters is "That's a friend." He is clearly a Dungeons and Dragons PC. There is no other explanation.

Tempest-Shipwreck of the Foreign Ship--Ivan Aivazovsky, 1855

Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805--Unknown Artist

cringetober day 12

demon oc i had before so i guess that adds a layer of cringe?

also revenge from last year (i spent the first part of this year catching up -w-;;)

this character belongs to jayjem_art @ twitter

restless ghost


[id: two colored drawings of Sunny and Mikayla respectively wearing fancy clothes.

Sunny is a human with somewhat dark skin, brown eyes, and dark hair shaved on the sides. She is wearing a gray suit over a blue shirt. The suit has turquoise accents at the collar, sleeves, and ruffles at the bottom portion that hangs down behind her. She also wears black lipstick, eyeshadow, and a necklace with a diamond-shaped pendant. She has one hand in her pocket and the other raises a glass in the air, and she's smiling.

Mikayla is an elf with light skin, blue eyes, and wavy blond hair pulled into a loose bun. She is wearing a floor-length dress the color of fire and a pearl necklace and matching bracelet. She also has round glasses and eyeshadow. She holds one arm with her other hand as though shy and looks off to the side wistfully, smiling.

end id.]

drawn by maddy, who asked me to upload them here!

She's happy to have me back at my desk.

Inktober Day 10 - Hades & Persephone

i have...done so much...this weekend

I'm actually in a far better mood today than I have been for the past week or so. And, look at that--the sun came out today! And I had Open Legend. Sunshine and gaming are a great boost to my mood.

I do not wish to be seen by human eyes ever again. I don't want to be a physical entity anymore. No more body, just energy.

emlynlua -

ok so having just done a picrew with no aro flag i went and searched for one that Does have an aro and surprisingly quickly i found this one (x) which is cool as hell, diverse (has headscarves!!!), is Highly customisable and has a very beautiful surprise earring,,,,

here's me

edit: tw for scars

babushka -

intrepid-inkweaver -

Ashra Icon

Finally got around to making an avatar for Ashra, my leonin druid from another D&D campaign! she angy gorl lol.

Art and character (c) me-- do not use/redistribute!

cringetober day 10 - blue hair

experimenting with some stuff, gotta figure out how to make the skin less muddy dkjfsdf

ophelia has a say in today’s prompt (i swear once i figure out her actual outfit it will be better)

Inktober Day 11 - Ephialtes

she's gonna break her legs or something

lina -

Getterön - 20.08.08

nauq -

Drawtober 10: Yuki-onna❄

A beautiful snow and ice affinity yokai

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